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Without You

Without You

nothing’s the same anymore
when i can’t hear your voice
just before i go to sleep
and you can’t sooth my
angers and fears
you’re not there to talk
when i need you to be
and you’re not there to
support me when i feel weak

and especially now
when i should feel happy
i’m not
because you’re not here
with me
you’re not holding me
in your arms
and you’re not there
to wipe away my tears
you’re not and i am
all alone
and cold
with no one to turn to
no one to talk to
about you
because the only person
i want to talk to now
is you
where are you?

and who am i
without you
it doesn’t feel right
i don’t feel whole
everything’s gone wrong
and i don’t know
where to go
all i want is to hear
your voice
your laughter
feel your embrace
your strength
knowing you are there
and will always be

but how can i think
you will always be there
when you’re not here now
and how can i live
so wretchedly
without you?

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