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The Gap

April 27th, 2018

Mind the gap

the distance between you and what you want

but don’t obsess

don’t fall in and get stuck

as though it’s a moat or a well that can swallow you up

take stock of that distance, measure it and make a note

of the materials you’ll need to build the bridge

that will take you right over that gap

and don’t let yourself forget

that building a bridge to cross that gap will cost you

in time

and effort

and money

and sometimes there will be setbacks, do-overs that increase those costs

but you’ll have planned for this

so you won’t give up

and eventually, you’ll see

the light at the end of the tunnel

your goal on the horizon

and you’ll know that you made it happen

you’re making it happen

you will continue to do so

and somewhere along the line

when you take the time to look behind you

you’ll realize that no longer do you

mind that gap

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