Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


we were entwined by layers of silk/ i was to afraid to reach out and touch you/ your porcelain skin shining like the halo around the sky those bitter cold winter nights/your breath was not enough of you for me/i needed more – to make you mine/i needed you to be my sweet release/behind closed doors i wanted to make you whole again/your moans echoing off of the walls and into my ears/a pleasure i can never give to you/i would drink of your blood if it pleased you i do so/to feel your essence in me, part of me/if only you were part of me/you’re so much more than the rest – shining so divine/my lips parched aching whispering your name/falling off of my tongue like some sweet prayer/and all i can think of is how sad your eyes are tonight/i could not hold you long enough/nor take away the pain to make you whole once more/but if else prove futile i shall break your fall

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