Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought



anger came creeping in
not so silently
she pounded her feet against the floor
heels clicking violently
her breaths came in hot whisps
bits of flame licking her lips
and the heat seemed to rise
the thermometor rushing
to keep up
her eyes saw redM
dripping down the walls
across the floor
out the door
staining everything in site
hey nails
painted black
the shad of her eyes
that stared
right through the victim

and she’d done it so many times
that now it was monotonous
and the ecstacy
has long since faded
and she repeats the same old routine
and feels much the same
as her victims
who want nothing more
than to be rid
of their pain
and if she cannot let it go
neither can they

so she storms the town
seek and destroy
sleek.. in control..
perfect aim
for a perfect target
she laughs
sometimes maniacally
because she knows
she can’t escape this hell
and this is why
she terrorized people
and gives them
her anger
this is why she is
(at least she tells herself)

anger is the swiftest killer
spreading quickly
like a woods on fire
the damage
is sometimes irrepairable
and that only makes her smile
if you can call it a smile
because ange’s smile
is terrifying
more so
than death itself
(and she knows it)

and anger will follow
its victim
after the infecting bite
for miles.. for years..
until finally
it has tormented the poor soul
enough.. more than enough..
and then she will leave
and repeat
seek.. destroy… hunt… kill..
how monotonous is her life she says
as she leaves her victim finally
her shadow falling against the pavement
cold beneath her feet
but she doesnt feel it
anger feels nothing

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