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In Code

December 29th, 2009

sometimes i like to speak in code
shout to the world everything
i have bottled up inside
but no one will know
sometimes I just need to
shout and vent and rave and rant
and get these god damned thoughts
out of the swirling vortex that has
become my mind
sometimes there is no one who
will benefit from harsh words
or choked back sobs
but I need to set them free anyway
so I speak in code
not because I am confused
but because I am experiencing such clarity
that would be hard for most
to even imagine
sometimes i have to open my mouth
because if I don’t use my voice outside of myself
my inner dialogue will drive me mad
sometimes I need to speak with you
but I cannot reach you directly
so I send my message out into the universe
hoping and praying that you will get it
knowing that you will understand that
sometimes I speak in code

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