Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


January 9th, 2014

and you
you make me
you make me feel
like it’s okay to be so complicated
and suddenly it’s a simple thing

but you
you make me
you make me wonder
if there’s nothing we can do
to make this thing so simple

yet you
you make me
you make me want
you every minute of every day
and never have to let you go

so you
you’ve got me
you’ve got me
waiting and wanting, in love
and waiting just for you

I Sleep

January 2nd, 2014

I’m going to curl up and dream of you

and all the things we’ve yet to do

in my dreams I’ll touch your face

and melt into your safe place

I’ll let myself come flooding out

so you can see what I’m about

And when you hold me near

I’ll forget about my fear


I sleep so I can finally go

to a place that doesn’t exist I know

but where my love can finally show


It’s a simple thing in my heart

we’re better together than we are apart

we laugh and we love and we kiss and we smile

and fall deeper in love all the while

In dreams there’s nothing in the way

to drag us apart, day after day

and everything is easy to understand

nothing undermines my sweetest plan


I sleep so I can have your kiss

in a land where I don’t have to miss

your voice, your laugh your gentleness


I’m going to wake up alone in my bed

with thoughts of you running through my head

our love story quickly fades away

and I am forced to go through my day

without knowing your body next to mine

or your laughter to pass the time

and when the day’s end has come and gone

I return to my dreams — always alone


I sleep so I can forget the pain

and to silence the yelling in my brain

So I sleep and sleep and sleep again