Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


May 31st, 2004

and in the morning the rain keeps falling
a heart-stained melody to invade my dreams
i’m reminded that it’s time to awake again
however reluctant to peel away from warm sheets
the day is just around the bend,
but i slow hoping that maybe it will wait for me to be ready
alas, how naive of me to think the world even notices
climbing out, eyes groggy, steps shakey
it’s just another morning in a world of rush and i am late again

merci beaucoup

May 8th, 2004

forgive me in my incoherence
i’ve forgotten to thank you
and thank you i shall
all in good time, my friend
all in good time
funny how i forget – to practice what i preach
and here i am a-preaching,
standing at my pulpit before my congregation
of a thousand worthless saints
one thousand upturned faces
who i’d like to thank for the turnout and
by the way, could you adjust
and we’re on in five my congregation of sheep,
with beady eyes
greedy eyes
ready to pounce as soon as i turn my back
i’d like to thank you for your kind words
i’d like to thank you for your appreciation
i’d like to thank you
i’d like to thank you with my body, mind & soul
i’d like to show you my gratitude
right here and now
as soon as i remember to thank you