Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


June 29th, 2015

I thought I would feel better than this already

by blocking you from my sight, my life

but it seems like I just cannot block you from my heart

and that is where I hold all my sadness


Shuffling Through Sorrow

April 21st, 2015

Every song is sadder than the last

melodic reminders of everything

that I don’t have

all the things gone wrong

in such a short life

every failure on my own behalf

and each nagging thought that follows

Next time I’ll make a damn playlist



April 21st, 2015

I have a craving for peanut butter

and chocolate

in ice cream

just like I have a craving for you

and breathless afternoons

in my bed

but I guess I can’t have either

so I’ll sate myself

with whiskey

it comes with less regret anyway

Bare (Sounds Like)

April 21st, 2015

Fuck you
I’m in love with you
And you don’t know or you don’t care
It doesn’t matter either
I’ve got other crosses to bear

I Am No Houdini

March 24th, 2015

This feeling in the pit of my stomach
like the world is falling away
beneath my feet
or maybe I am being pulled
into some sort of
internal whirlwind
helpless and terrified
This feeling, it visits me
once, twice a day
or more
perhaps it never really leaves
and it’s futile, after all, to count
I’m sure you’ve all had the feeling, too
swirling vortex of fear
and sadness, irrevocably linked
impenetrable, undeniable
wholly unavoidable
and rearing its ugly head
at the worst possible moment
This feeling
I want to bury it
before it buries me
buries me alive

Walk It Off

March 24th, 2015

My heart is broken
but it’s still beating,
My feet are bruised
but I’m still moving
My lungs are burning
but they still breathe

I walk it off, walk it off
keep moving forward
Trying to dull the pain
But when I stop
Everything’s still the same

My hair’s a mess
The house a wreck
My inbox full of unread texts
Can’t keep it all in check
But I won’t give up yet

I walk it off, walk it off
keep moving forward
Trying to dull the pain
But when I stop
Everything’s still the same

Miles behind me
Where’ve I been?
Time is history
When does it end?
Or does it just begin again?

I walk it off, walk it off
keep moving forward
Trying to dull the pain
But when I stop
Everything’s still the same

I walk it off, walk it off
And I go on and on and on
I walk it off

Present Tense

March 3rd, 2015

Time. It will take time before every rom-com doesn’t make me wonder whether you are my soul mate. It will be a while before the word “love” is synonymous with your name. Sometime in the future I will be able to look back on this, on the time when I was in love with you. I will have loved you, and those feelings will be no more.

But that is not now. In the present, I still love you. My thoughts are still consumed by you and I burn with as many colors as emotions you’ve made me feel. For now, I will take one day at a time and just focus on breathing.

I’ve got time, anyway.


February 6th, 2015

I wrote three poems today


i just sat down and felt the words that some would perhaps say i’d be putting off for too long

and now i feel whateveritisyouwouldcall

the feeling where you’re no longer weighed down by everything that you let haunt you

No Story Without You

February 6th, 2015


if i should

if i should forget you entirely

all the times, good and bad and in between

if i should let it all go

because the bad is too much

much too much for me to handle

and it brings me to my knees

drives the very breath

from my lungs

if i should let go

of everything

of you

and me



because i cannot tear our story in half

rip the binding in twain

and toss the pages to the wind

if i

should try to erase you

from those pages

those chapters

and from in between

every single line

if i even could

then i would

erase a part of myself


February 6th, 2015

My heart breaks for her, the girl who looked in the mirror and saw nothing but defects. She tried and tried and tried some more to hide them, to hide herself, from the world, lest they discover how broken she really was. She hid behind masks and scowls and eyeliners, and she hated the world for making her hide almost as much as she hated her defected self.

I shed a tear for the girl who had no idea whatsoever that she might be the holder of redeeming qualities. I would hold her close and whisper into her ear that it isn’t true no matter what some people might say. It’s only their own insecurities and perhaps they weren’t ready, the world wasn’t ready, for someone like her to walk its paths.

I wonder why why why and how a person like her could spend more than half her life, wasting the years away, hiding and completely oblivious to her own light. Days and nights blending together with no light at the end of the tunnel. After all, there can be no light if her eyes are and everything is dark dark dark.

If only I could have, had I known, were I able to, create the safe place where she could open her eyes, embrace the world, spread her love and finally finally finally shine.

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