Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought



id like to rip through the stitches that are holding us together cause you know we ran outta glue a long time ago see if i cant reopen the wound and bleed our souls together as one for the very first time achieve the certainty i need grasp the answers to all the questions become another fallen angel another picture on the wall of the church that burned down so many years ago the remnants haunting my dreams as i try to sleep but only wake up in a cold sweat screaming your name sometimes i wonder what the fuck i’m doing in this hellhole and why i haven’t gotten out yet and i look down at the ropes and chains the shackles that bind me here to this spot and i cant move and i’m screaming and the scars aren’t scars at all they’re fresh cuts and they say i’m going to need stitches but stitches aren’t good enough anymore they cant hold us together i cant bridge the gap cant scale the wall and i’m stuck in this corner moving forward to the end and you’re laughing at me from behind but i can’t turn around.. can’t see the look in your eyes i can’t see anything anymore and i’m crying i’m choking on my own tears you’re watching and laughing and i’m sinking into this pit of quicksand i tried so carefully to avoid and as i take my last breath i rip out the stitches that weren’t doing there job anyway and as the wound pours fresh blood i traces my tongue along my wrist taking a gentle sip and lying still

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