Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought



fear is the mysterious one
caused by adrenalin
coerced by anger
shadowing death
drowning happiness
where she may go

and then there’s fear
the little one
the man who no one sees
until it is too late
he too, has his own tactics
and only he
knows what they are
fear won’t stalk
fear won’t plan
fear will only strike
without second thought
without reason

fear is the one
everyone dreads most
fear is the one
they cannot defend themselves against
yet fear is the one
they laugh at
(only behind his back)
and fear is the one
who holds the most power

he doesn’t dress up
he doesn’t look foreboding
he simply is there
looking innocent
at first glance
but he’s not
fear has the mind
of a genius
only he
makes the puncture wounds
so precise
only he can deal with
young and old..
healthy.. sick..
because he knows
just what he’s doing

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