Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought



death came creeping in
his dagger hidden in the folds
of his jet black robes
the sneer upon his lips
screamed of horror
the stench of the ogre himself
was that of rotting corpses
his teeth were broken
his hair was matted
his skin was more pale
than earthly possible
he walked with jerking motions
his body seemed to be falling apart
but death always got the job done
more efficiently than anyone wants to think
and he leaves
without a trace
or the sneer
the stench
without a trace of anything
the lifeless body
lying on the floor

he walks in
calling the haunted souls
to ring their voices
throughout the room
mocking reminders of life
to wake the victim
rouse them out of dreamland
to shake them to consciousness
and take their air
screaming clutching tearing
at the body
the soul
the mind
breaking down the defenses
slowly sucking the life
just enough
to leave them paralyzed

and this is when
death steps in
dagger unsheathed
broken teeth shining
in the moon light
that seeps through the window
but the curtains are drawn
the shadows envelop their victim
saying ‘yes master’
‘for you master’
death smiles
even the darkness fears him
and he knows it
death knows all
death is the only one who knows
when death will come

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