Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought

apocalypse 1.0

when words fall shrill on deafened ears
and the last wave has crashed upon beaten shores
when the sky opens, lightning striking
and the heavens fall to the ground at my feet
maybe then i will be the voice that sooths;
the calming voice
when all the quills move not
and eyes are held unblinking
when all the noise has settled to a distant hum
maybe then there’ll be a choice
when all the drifters stop their drifting
and all the teachers stop their teaching
when the last word has been spoken
and the finally blow’s been dealt
maybe then the seas will part
when the delirium becomes all that we have known
and the dancers trip on moonbeams above the distance suns
our breath will fall to shatters
in the cold and bitter nights
and we will know no other
when all the time has stopped and the world no longer turns
when all the blood stops rushing and the rainbows fade to grey
when all the children stop their singing and the laughter falls away
the clocks will stop their ticking
the hags will stop their bitching
the smiles will stop their faking
and that will be
the end.

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