Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


August 16th, 2014

How do you measure how much you miss someone?


Is it in the heartbeats counted while you are apart

or perhaps it is in how much more quickly our heart beats when finally we are together again?


Maybe the act of missing is measured by breaths

the number of which we cannot take because the pressure is too intense


I could measure the amount that I miss you when you’re gone

by the number of times my mouth turns up in a smile, remembering our time together


And when I miss you far too much, I measure it in tears

Slow and alone, heavy and numerous, accompanying choked-back sobs without you to wipe them away


I measure how much I miss you in moments

endless moments full of tears and heartbeats and, yes, even smiles

moments during which we are apart and my heart aches


These moments will never shine brightly because they are lacking

lacking of you, the one person, the thing, the guarantee

that a moment, any moment, is a moment i would rather not miss

because when we are together, i do not miss you

nor do i miss anyone or anything else

and nothing is missing in my life


I don’t have to count or measure

there’s no need for considerations like that

when we’re together

no parts of me are missing

My City

August 5th, 2014

My city she sleeps

and I try not to disturb her

because it’s in her slumber that her beauty keeps


my city barely make a sound

and so I hold my breath

with no one else around


my city rolls away

I see her familiar curves

who else has seen her this way?


My city is at peace

everyone is fast asleep

and my city shares her secrets with me


my city is at rest

beneath bright stars in the sky

and as my city sleeps, I love her best