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The Short and Long of It

October 18th, 2013

You spin me ’round, pull me down
make me feel like my feet don’t touch the ground

you give me love, lift me up
like the answer to my prayer’s in your touch

I pretend it’s fine, one day at a time
but I want to make you all mine

Should move to the door, stuck on  the floor
can’t you tell that I want more, more, more?

and I don’t know, does it show
that I fall apart every time you go?

You don’t see how, you’ve got me now
If I could only say the words out loud

Easy to see, how we could be
the best part of you and the best of me

Want to show you, how it’s true
every little thing that I’d do for you

You know my heart, from the start
Nothing could ever tear us apart

We can go home, all our own
a place where we’ll never be alone

I don’t know why, I can’t lie
We both know it doesn’t pay to say “good bye”

Guess I’ll keep on, writing this song
Pretending that it will never go wrong


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