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The Plan

May 27th, 2013

You won’t find me in a smokey lounge singing the blues
and the bright lights won’t spell out my name
I really doubt I’ll ever change the world
but I’m going to love you just the same

Some people won’t let anything get in their way
they have have the biggest dreams
and they won’t stop for anything
but I just want you at the end of the day

I’m going to try hard as I can
it won’t be easy or perfect
there’ll be stormy days ahead
but I’m not afraid of making that stand

Some may call it a little bit too easy
I won’t try to make them understand
Or tell them exactly what’s on my mind
as long as you agree with me

Maybe I’m getting back to a simpler way of life
but I want what I want what I want
and what I want’s what I want’s what I want
I don’t have anything to decide

As long as that hand you’re holding is mine
I know we’ll be just fine
and if you keep coming to me to confide
I’ll stay right by your side

They call me crazy for giving you a chance
and I don’t know that they’re wrong
but I’m going to give it my all anyway
so I can know the ending to this song

No, you won’t find me in Hollywood
I couldn’t care less if I ever make it big
Cause I’m living life on my own terms
If I have you, I’ll call it good

Together, we can make the life that I know I need
falling asleep in your arms to wake up by your side
it’s too soon to say forever, so I’ll say this instead
All that I need is us as long as I breathe

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