Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought

I Do.

December 14th, 2012

I won’t tell you that you’re breaking my heart
It doesn’t matter, it will break anyway
And I won’t stand here waiting
because I can’t watch you walk away
But I’ll still feel every ounce of pain
And choke back everything I could say

Even if it hurts with every breath
Every heart beat a little death
Just went I think I won’t make it through
I do.

Every time I can’t remember
when I’m overcoming with darkened thoughts
Whenever I’m sure the end is near
And the pain is never worth the cost
Something inside grows in strength
Suddenly, I don’t feel so lost

Even when I feel this weak
Broken and unable to speak
Never finding that which I seek
I do.

I won’t always feel so lost
Eventually, I’ll find a way
I’ll find a respite from the pain
and finally know the right words to say
I’ll look back tomorrow and know my strength
Even though I don’t feel it today

I do know heartbreak, suffering and lost
I’ve sacrificed and paid the cost
but it’s not by chance I’ve made it through
I keep on going–it’s what I do.