Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


December 22nd, 2011

My heart
my heart feels
my heart feels heavy
but maybe that’s nothing new

My head
my head thinks
my head thinks this could be a bad idea
but then I get another look at you

My arms
my arms reach
my arms reach out to hold you
and I can’t believe you’re there

My eyes
my eyes see
my eyes see possibility in you
but I wonder if you even care

My lips
my lips move
my lips move but no sounds come out
because I don’t have the nerve to let you know

My mind
my mind races
my mind races with thought of us
but how can I make it be so?

Your voice
your voice speaks
your voice speaks right to my soul
and I’m about to lose control

My heart
my heart feels
my heart feels things I cannot say
but words would just get in the way — anyway

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