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Is It?

December 29th, 2009

it is difficult to say
when things went wrong
or maybe they just were
never completely right
all along.
it is difficult to say
to myself that this is not the end
of me even if I am wrong
even if it is the end of us.
it is difficult to say
when all I want it to say
to you,
to your love
and your loving touch.
it is difficult to say
“Let’s not make this confused”
when I would gladly
take that confusion for
just a little bit of you.
it is difficult to say
“I’m sorry” and
“I was wrong” and
“I know better now” and
mean it enough
to convince you
of my sincerity.
it is difficult to say
“Now is the time for change”
when I have been so comfortable
finding comfort even in the negative
without worrying whether or not
i will lose myself in all this.
it is difficult to effect change
in these unsure times.
it is difficult for you to say
either way
to make that life altering decision.
but it is not difficult to know
this is what I have to do
and what I will do
if you allow me to.

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