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May 7th, 2007

I wrote the majority of these at work out of boredom in a matter of minutes. I think I have a knack for this sort of thing. I always found myself able to be formulaically creative and that is exactly what haiku is.

curled up in a ball
fluffy love in orange and white
purring in content

darkened lips and eyes
cynical and beautiful
so this is gothic

he died on the cross
for our immoral lifestyle
how can you forget?

picture perfect scene
of deep blues and curly q’s
my little sister

descended from space
destructive yet cute and blue
who doesn’t love stitch?

vocal cords are stretched
emitting a perfect note
angles sing along

she appears again
blushing red and short of breath
wonder where she’s been?

ink stains on paper
art, some say but I don’t see
I’ll stick to portraits

symphonies will play
works of beloved Mozart
he will go unmatched

green boughs bend downward
reaching to the ground below
too many winters

a young bride looks up
as her young groom says “I do”
will this be the one?

the pursuit of love
neverending fairytale
I don’t believe it

the wind blows my hair
across my eyes and I don’t
see you standing there

mother used to say
men chased their little white balls
she never liked golf

distant shores do call
my heart yearns for them once more
so very far away

white tipped waves rise up
and crash down upon the beach

hot summer nights are for
sleepless lovers embracing
one another’s heart

a story of love
triumphing over evil
reunited souls

three years, seven days
six hours, forty one nights
until I am free

roaming hands across
the landscape of my body
all of me is yours

ladies of the world
with hearts and minds both broken
you will love again

green eyes peering out
onto a cold gruesome world
does hope yet exist?

bubbles rising up
to roll across the surface
time to add noodles

thunder claps above
an ominous sign that he
is coming for us

hearts beating as one
while we lie together here
love is such a rush

dark hair falls astray
as a charming smile disarms
will you marry me?

polar bears will drown
as ice continues to melt
global warming: death

thunder and lightning
crashing and striking as two
lovers orgasm

moistened flesh awaits
sensed heightened to the max
touch me with your love

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