Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


December 18th, 2006

we lay motionless beneath the stars
where i told you of my deepest scars
I wanted to flee or cower in shame
but you remained and took it all in
you stayed, still, when I ventured into darker, deeper territory
my blood ran cold as I waited,
the shadows dancing across your skin
and obscuring any traces of what lay within
so scared was I, I could have wept
but you remained and took it all in
my hair you caressed
my tears you wiped away
I could smell your aftershave as you leaned in
and your lips tasted sweet
you stilled my racing heart with a touch
and gently pulled yourself inside my shell
I showed you all the layers beneath
piece by piece, bit by bit
the walls came down
slowly at first
and then it seemed as though my life were careening
a roller coaster out of control
out of my control
falling apart faster than I could comprehend
but you remained and took it all in
you held me close as tear started anew
and in those moments
I knew I would drown
but your mouth met mine once again
and there was air
I breathed again
I breathed you in
and I know that you would remain
and take it all in

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