Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


August 24th, 2003

as the first light comes creeping in
i’m still held in your gaze, your embrace
my heart still flutters as you whisper
sweet nothings into my ear and i am yours completely
there are no doubts only moonlit hours of bliss
and when i crawl into bed at night
your name is still on my lips
the face that i see under closed lids
is none other than your own
i’d give up my last breath
to make these moments last longer
for there is never enough time in the day
and in another minute i could tell you
how i love you
but i’d rather have an hour to show you
the faces come and go
and it’s still you i return to
like romeo and juliet sneaking through the gardens
i will await for you
when night falls
infallibly you know i will be there
and i am breathless as i wait
like the magic in the trees
as the wind blows
afraid to speak
to break the spell
but this is not spell at all
this is love love that makes me tremble
and you are the only thing holding me
from floating to the sky, and laying in the mists of the stars
you have induced feelings in me
that have been locked away
without even trying
you have brought out the best of me
and i have nothing but adoration
for the one who lifts me so high
the one who is always on my mind
the one who keeps me awake at 5:12 in the morning

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