Lyrical Musings an emotional journey via train of thought


June 30th, 2003

we were entwined by layers of silk/ i was to afraid to reach out and touch you/ your porcelain skin shining like the halo around the sky those bitter cold winter nights/your breath was not enough of you for me/i needed more – to make you mine/i needed you to be my sweet release/behind closed doors i wanted to make you whole again/your moans echoing off of the walls and into my ears/a pleasure i can never give to you/i would drink of your blood if it pleased you i do so/to feel your essence in me, part of me/if only you were part of me/you’re so much more than the rest – shining so divine/my lips parched aching whispering your name/falling off of my tongue like some sweet prayer/and all i can think of is how sad your eyes are tonight/i could not hold you long enough/nor take away the pain to make you whole once more/but if else prove futile i shall break your fall


June 12th, 2003

you think you’re so fucking special
i bet you’re just waiting for me to agree
what are you trying to prove?
to you? to me?
you’re obviously blind to the message i’m trying to get across
but i guess that’s all okay ’cause it isn’t my loss
i’m not the one playing games like you say
but if this is how it’ll be then i guess i will play
your words, they don’t burn me that deep
don’t think i am fooled by your naivete
don’t come crawling back on your hands and your knees
ive asked you once, can’t you just let me be?

June 11th, 2003

gah! i’m so pissed! i can’t write for shit anymore! maybe i never could there’s no emotion no movement there’s nothing i wish i could write like sigi i wish i wish everything is dead there’s nothing anymore